Back Vitalizer

  • How do you improve your sitting posture?
  • How do you exercise the bard-to-reach stabilizing muscles of your low back?
  • How do you train your sense of balance and enhance your core strengths?
  • How do you relieve pressure, tension, fatigue and pain in your low back due to sitting?

So far, the closest solutions to these challenges have been the Swiss Ball and Balance Trainer. Unfortunately, they are hardly adjustable, poorly portable, and extremely cumbersome to use in a normal living and working environment.

With a new Canadian therapeutic innovation, all these drawbacks are now resolved! Back Vitalizer™ functions as a mobile Swiss Ball and Balance Trainer, yet is:

Back Vitalizer
  • Instantly adjustable for best comfort and optimum level of exercise
  • Amazingly portable and multi-functional
  • Extremely convenient for use in any environment... in offices, cars or airplanes

Within 3 seconds, you will notice that your

  • sitting posture is improved
  • deep back and core muscles are activated
  • sense of balance and body coordination is stimulated

Back Vitalizer™ is best suited for:

  • office workers
  • drivers
  • students
  • back pain sufferers

Office workers

Back Vitalizer™ helps office workers turn sitting - a stressful task - into a health opportunity in which their low back muscles get exercised whenever they work at their desks.

It also allows office staff to take Fit-Breaks by simply standing on the Back Vitalizer™ for 5 minutes in the morning and afternoon each day. By doing so, it helps office professionals establish a healthy work style that is beneficial to their health and productivity.

Back Vitalizer™ is listed as Class I Medical Device with Health Canada and the US Food And Drug Administration (FDA). It has successfully passed comprehensive product reviews by the US Arthritis Foundation.

Back Vitalizer

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