Booking on-line - Coming soon !!

 It has been an interesting exercise for me personally examining the possibility of offering an online booking option. At one level, I realize that it provides a service eliminating the need to telephone-tag or email-tag - time being of the essence in the today’s ever-increasing fast pace. I also observe that I tend to fight technology all the way rather than go with the flow and accept what should be a win-win situation for both my clients and me.


I will admit that I am fearful of technology as if the system is going to get away from me and leave me at its mercy. I have some unrealistic image of being forced into a corner or “compartmentalized" in some way. I’ve written in previous blog postings that fear is a wasted emotion, so obviously I have not learned that lesson particularly well.


Of course, feel free to phone, email me or text me. If you try the online booking system for the first time, go to the Healing on the Danforth website and click on the book treatment button at the top left corner. The system will ask you to submit a new case history form as if you were a new client. I'm just waiting for my tech support person to set up the system.


If you are looking for specific treatment times that appear full, or if this is a last minute booking, then call me or text because sometimes even computers don't always have every schedule detail. For now, the online booking will only be available for my services of massage therapy, shiatsu therapy or a combination of both. 


Let me know how you like the system once it is up and running.