January 2014

Pain is a combo of the physical and emotional

We tend to take our good health for granted until we are reminded that truly we are all human, with all the advantages and drawbacks that accompany that.  It is remarkable that we can be affected by emotion.  Pain can be the result of a combination of both the physical and the emotional.  It does not always take great physical trauma to experience an injury or physical discomfort.  We will quite often know immediately if we have overexerted at the gym or lifted something that is beyond our natural strength or ability to handle comfortably.  In these cases we kind of expect to feel sore.

Developing a spirit of curiosity through yoga

As part of my program of personal wellness I have been taking a yoga class here at the clinic for the past year.  It fits with my schedule and because it is a morning class helps positively to determine my mood for the rest of the day.

I have always bemoaned my lack of flexibility, especially in my hamstrings and hips.  It has seemed that even if I were to hold a stretch for a whole day, nothing substantial would change.  This is perhaps one reason why I had never taken to yoga previously and had dismissed myself as a hopeless case.

How to get in shape and stay that way in 2014

How to get in shape and stay that way in 2014.  This was the title of a story in a major Toronto newspaper. Quite rightly the approach was to stagger results over the first six months of the year rather than attempt instantaneous results. The recipe for success included the right exercise, a mind body connection including yoga and meditation and, of course, the right diet.

Changing my diet for the New Year

Following the Christmas holiday season and all its accompanying excesses, I start to think of what I might do to put myself back on a path of moderation towards better health.  Besides proper exercise, the right diet is always important.  The trouble is that there is so much conflicting information out in the marketplace.  Who should one believe?  I personally don’t want to be taken in by “information” that might be the latest fad supporting the production, marketing and sale of the next bestseller.