Back pain and sleeping position

As many of you know, I often recommend certain home-care exercises to do between massage therapy treatment sessions that can help you be pain-free. I always stress that anything you do should relieve pain, not increase it. I am not of the philosophy of “no pain, no gain.” If something causes pain, then stop doing that and we can reevaluate on your next appointment.


In this blog, I want to talk about back-pain and your sleeping position. 


You don’t want to be sleeping on your front for several reasons: you are putting a lot of pressure on your internal organs thereby not allowing them to rest and, most importantly, you are having to turn your neck to one side rather than allowing it to be in a neutral position.


So, that leaves either sleeping on your back or sleeping in a side-position. Because of the natural curvature of the spine, known as thoracic kyphosis or lumbar lordosis, you might want to consider careful use of pillows. 


In side position, place a pillow between your knees and slightly bring your knees up. This will keep your hips and pelvis aligned in neutral position and also stops your spine from rotating. A better alignment can take the strain off inflamed muscles and ligaments.


When sleeping on your back,  you should place pillows underneath your knees for the same reason: it provides a more neutral position, it evenly distributes your weight and supports the natural curvature of your spine.


If you suffer from herniated discs or have sciatica, the above positions for sleeping can bring you much relief. More about these in a future blog.


Meanwhile, stay isolated and stay well. I will look forward to seeing you once I return to Toronto.