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The challenges of ageing

I get excited when I get hit with another infirmity and I mean that in a good way. There is aways a lesson to be learnt - how to deal with a specific problem and perhaps provide advice that I can pass on to my clients. It’s one thing to have an intellectual understanding on how to deal with  a problem; another to have a true visceral understanding. It builds empathy.


Global diet and health: old questions, fresh evidence, and new horizons

With food labels difficult to interpret, the marketing ploys of seductive advertising, along with the next nutritional bestseller touting the secret to life and longevity, no wonder there is so much confusion out there. They all tell a plausible story and can easily influence us in making the wrong choices. So I was rather pleased when the owner of my local health store mentioned a recent article from the Lancet. It’s a bit long but worth the read. Enjoy and spring into Spring with health in your step.

Snow removal and the elements of nature

With the first really heavy snow storm in the Toronto area, there is an upside to all the inconveniences that this brings to our daily routines: there is a degree of quiet and solitude that descends. Perhaps we are moving into hibernation mode. Yesterday after driving the length of the city while the storm was beginning, increasing in intensity and nearly white-out conditions, I was very happy to get home, close the door, deal with some paperwork, prepare a light meal, read a book and have an early night.



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