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What's the problem?

I was in a yoga class when in the street outside there was a squealing of brakes followed shortly after by an angry exclamation of “what’s the problem?” Breathe in; breathe out. Talk about an exercise in staying present.


Making the most of our precious moments

It is difficult to make sense of the carnage inflicted on the minds and bodies of so many people in the wake of the recent shooting on the Danforth near my office. Thank you to the many who emailed to make sure that I was not harmed. As a result of this incident, will I withdraw from the world to stay safely out of harm’s way? Certainly not! If anything, I determine to engage life more fully rather than hide from it.


Here is my reasoning: 

Choosing appropriate therapy

Last week I temporarily put my lower back out causing certain movements to be painful. It didn’t stop me from walking 20 km through the Don Valley on a beautiful sunny day this past Monday. It also hasn’t prevented me from working. Somehow there is never a shortage of well-intentioned advice on how best to cope with any sort of physical infirmity. However, not all advice is well informed. I was advised by a non-yogi to miss out on my thrice-weekly yoga practice.

The path to knowledge and wellbeing

I am about to travel down to Mexico to teach another course in shiatsu therapy to Mexican massage therapists despite my Spanish being diabolically awful. Somehow my teaching seems to work and I find my students like sponges for information and detail. In advance, I ask myself what knowledge is it that I wish to impart and, in preparation, reach for some of my old textbooks. In reading them, I find myself reminded of why shiatsu is so effective. That is why I often incorporate this into my treatment protocols along with massage therapy.

New Years Resolutions ??

 'With age comes wisdom, but sometimes age comes alone’ -Oscar Wilde. I love this quote although, this time, I feel I’m that person who hasn’t learnt. I’m just feeling sluggish after overly consuming foods that I try to avoid the rest of the year. The culprits this year have been the cheeses and the sweet stuff.

Seasons greetings

Wishing you the very best for the holiday season from us all at Healing on the Danforth: Paul Marchinko, our acupuncturist and TCM practitioner; Maria Vigna, with her practice of Reiki and BodyTalk; and me!

Stress Management...revisited

I want to revisit the subject of stress management from time to time. Let’s consider some of the possible stressors that visit us - often on a regular basis. The job and one’s need to make a living probably tops the list - followed by the stresses of family life with all its attendant problems. Concurrent with this, one has to include money and finances. It’s often a challenge worth of a tightrope walker to balance the three and keep one’s sanity. Time management and prioritizing is essential so that one can devote attention to each of these components.


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