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Confessions of an addict

In a couple of weeks it will be two months since my return from walking the Camino and, so far I have managed to keep off the 15 pounds that I lost on this 800 kilometer journey through Spain. It can easily be explained by the exercise of walking. So often, people lose weight by following a specific diet or exercise routine but then gain it back very soon after stopping. Well, mine was a diet of exercise: walking between 25 and 35 kilometers a day for 5 weeks. Along the way, I still enjoyed the bread and copious amounts of good wines from the Rioja district and elsewhere.

Continuing saga of my high blood pressure

In a previous blog entry several years ago, I reported several years ago that I had come back from Mexico to find that my blood pressure was elevated to 155/95, or thereabouts. (120/80 is normal) In consultation with my GP, I wanted to treat it naturally without resorting to conventional medication. By increasing my cardiovascular workout and taking supplements that included additional Vitamin C, Hawthorn berries in a tea, Magnesium, Coenzyme Q10, I effectively brought it under control - more or less, but enough to satisfy my doctor.

Vacation Notice

Spring is a great time for rejuvenation both physically and mentally. Accordingly, Tim, our massage and shiatsu therapist will be away from the clinic from April 23rd until June 10th walking the Camino for his second time. 

Spring into Spring

I’ve mentioned many times in previous blogs that Spring is the time when we do our planting. If you didn’t follow through on New Year resolutions to attend to your wellness program this winter - especially this last intensely cold one, then you can be forgiven. Winter is a time for hibernation. Now that the snow is rapidly disappearing, it’s time to correct that imbalance and gain strength and flexibility so that you can enjoy the coming spring, summer and its accompanying outdoor activities.

Getting rid of that pesky cold

Sometimes despite taking all  preventable measures to get sick  (Vitamin C, Echinacea, Oil of Oregano, immune boosting tonics, frequent hand-washing, exercise, getting lots of rest, keeping at peak emotional high,)  we still get sick. Unless we chose to live our lives in isolation from the rest of the population in hermetically sealed caves, it is still hard to avoid. Here’s what I do to get better sooner.

Cold Prevention

Hopefully, I will not jinx myself and come down with a realIy bad cold infection this winter!  I have found a really effective way of staying well during the colds and flu season is the following:

Achilles Tendonitis - Prevention

With he approach of spring, we may turn our attention to the outdoors and its many activities.  It can be a mistake to do too much too soon without the requisite preparation otherwise injuries can easily happen.  It is not without reason that the Achilles heel has a place in Greek mythology emphasizing a serious weakness despite its overall strength.


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