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A cooperative business model

In my clinical practice increasingly I see people who are highly stressed.  On the roads here in Toronto, I see many aggressive and angry drivers.   I don't think that the latter is in reaction to something that I have done although, I will not deny that perhaps sometimes my thoughts when on the road are elsewhere.  It is very difficult to remain in the present moment when one is worried about the future.  Why the anger?  I think it is because people are feeling out of control without a real say in the direction of their lives.

Summer into Fall

Now that we are in mid-September, we may realise that warm balmy weather is but a temporary phenomenon. For some this may be a happy prospect that signals the return to more mild temperatures. Others may be waiting for the crispness of winter and all that that brings. Probably everyone has a favourite time of year. However, we should welcome all the seasons and rejoice in the contrast. In all aspects of our life we need balance. We need the four seasons to provide rest and rejuvenation for the soil and so that the right nutrients can be provided for new growth.

Fall activities at Healing on the Danforth

I always experience some regret at this time of year.  Although we are still in the middle of some reasonably good weather we know that summer is almost over.  I know that I have always said that we should be grateful of all the seasons and welcome them for the balance in nature that they provide.  That said, I still can’t help playing favourites and I must admit that I don't exactly relish the arrival of winter.  That is definitely a good excuse to head for a shiatsu teaching gig in Mexico.

Grounding continued

The best surface for being grounded is when you are walking barefoot on the sand.  As a child, I would go on holiday with my parents to the seaside and would return to the metropolis much refreshed and rejuvenated.  It was not just from feeling the benefits of breathing the sea air and the break from the monotony of everyday life.  Walking barefoot was an important component.  There is also the symbolic gesture of freeing the feet from the daily constrictions of conventional formal footwear.

Feldenkrais: No Pain - Maximum gain

This is the second of a series of articles on Feldenkrais by Harold Tausch

No Pain - Maximum Gain

People are often surprised by the big changes they notice after a few gentle movements in a Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement class or a few gentle manipulations in a hands-on Feldenkrais Functional Integration lesson. We live in a culture that still believes to a considerable extent in the "No Pain - No Gain" theory. It is believed that we can only improve by pushing ourselves to our limits and beyond.  This is not true.

The promises of Spring

I love the Springtime because it bears with it the promise of the end of winter-like weather, even if we get hit from time to time by a sudden cold snap.  The days become longer and this provides the necessary lift to our spirit.  We are ready both physically and mentally to take on exciting new projects.  This is definitely the time of year to make positive changes in our life.


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