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Stress Management

This week I am teaching a class in stress management at Centennial College here in Toronto.  I always love the opportunity to talk to students and give them some perspective on a very important subject.  At the same time, as much as I would like to admit to the contrary, I often experience feeling stressed.  So I always find the preparation of my lecture a useful reminder of things on which I should focus my own attention.

10th anniversary of Healing on the Danforth

November 1st marks the 10th anniversary of the clinic at this address.  I offer a big thankyou for the therapists here at the clinic who have worked hard with their professional development and supported my efforts to make this truly a holistic centre for health and wellbeing.  You have been a pleasure to work with:  Katherine, Paul, Norman and, the latest addition to our team, personal trainer Heather. Thank you also for laughing at my hilarious jokes.  All aspiring comedians need an audience! 

Tai Chi and other activities at Healing on the Danforth

We are holding the first Tai Chi class here tonight. Geoff Busbridge is the instructor. Give us a call for information about this and other activities at Healing on the Danforth.

Over the past month Heather Speer has been organising the downstairs area to provide an attractive space for personal training sessions.  We are offering either one on one fitness sessions or small classes.  Pesonal attention to your needs is assured.

This is all part of an ongoing service to provide you with the best program in alternative health care.

Tai Chi at Healing on the Danforth

We are planning to offer Tai Chi in the next little while at Healing on the Danforth.

We have probably all heard about the importance of strengthening the “core” muscles as part of a practice in getting fit. Similarly, Tai Chi places emphasis on strengthening that area of the lower abdomen located just below the belly button and known as the “Dan Tian.”

Welcome to my first blog - Announcement

Perhaps my intention to have a quarterly newsletter was too ambitious.  I know that by definition the word "quarterly" does not mean once a year!  Life has a habit of getting in the way and I know I have been neglectful in offering regular contributions.  So I have decided to change the format to a regular blog with shorter offerings.   I hope you find this both informative and entertaining.


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