The challenges of ageing

I get excited when I get hit with another infirmity and I mean that in a good way. There is aways a lesson to be learnt - how to deal with a specific problem and perhaps provide advice that I can pass on to my clients. It’s one thing to have an intellectual understanding on how to deal with  a problem; another to have a true visceral understanding. It builds empathy.


When I hit the age of 50, I came down with a temporary touch of gout. My mother suffered from that and I was determined not to be like her. I modified my diet and increased my water intake and I have never had another attack. Occasionally, I have had a few sciatic twinges: probably related to not always watching my posture. I have found that yoga and doing the right stretches has enabled me to find relief. Then this past April, I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. That’s a bit of a shock to the system and at first put me on quite the emotional roller coaster. I have a vivid imagination so that took me to some unnecessary places. 


I have subsequently mustered my inner resources, studied the disease as much as possible, met with the right healthcare professionals, modified my lifestyle and am dealing with it one day at a time rather than allow myself to be overwhelmed with the enormity of the problem. I even have another book in the making from the experience.


Meanwhile, I have never felt in better shape, am experiencing minimal side affects, have tons of energy, still have my sense of humour for what its worth and am thoroughly enjoying myself.


Life is very good.