Colds, Flu, and Dry Brushing

This morning I was preparing to remove leaves from the eaves-trough of my home.  I stepped outside with leaf bag in hand to the shock that the temperature were well below zero. Any excuse to procrastinate! I will leave this task until Sunday when there is forecast of a temporary increase to a balmy 10 degrees.  The reality is that winter is on the way and, along with it, increase in weather related illnesses.

There is a remedy for helping survive the winter with an improved immunity from colds and flu. If you feel the cold, then this too can help improve your circulation. It is called ‘Dry Brushing.’ It is best done in the morning because it is very stimulating and therefore good for a wake-up. It is good for fatigue, lethargy and mild depression. With repeated use, it can also help balance blood pressure. An added bonus is that it regenerates, tones and softens the skin because it exfoliates and removes dead skin cells. For this reason you may want to take a shower afterwards.

The Dry brush should be of natural fibre. Alternatively, you can use a loofah or
rough flannel cloth. The dry brush treatment should always be done in a towards the heart direction. Start with the right leg and work your way up using long circular movements. Follow with the left leg before going on to brush the abdomen, torso, right arm and then the left arm. I also use it with lighter touch on the face. Then do the back, again starting with the right leg. Because of accessibility, I also have a dry brush with a rope on either end for doing my back with a little more ease.

Do not do if you suffer from acute neurological conditions. Also avoid areas of local inflammation, acne or broken skin.

In a future blog, I will give you the recipe for a rather good tonic that you can concoct using garlic and ginger. At the same time I promise that you will still keep your friends.