Fitness in the Fall

The best times to start a fitness program, if you aren’t already engaged in one, is in the spring or in the fall. Thinks of it this way, this is when we do our planting both physically or metaphorically. 


However, taking up any sort of strenuous physical activity has its risks and can result in injury. That’s where I come in with both massage therapy and shiatsu to help with relaxation, stress relief and, most importantly, rehabilitation. By rehabilitation, I mean that massage speeds up the healing process and prevents re-injury. Massage is therefore a lifestyle choice that is essential for good health.  


Some of the benefits of massage include improved circulation and the general nutrition of muscles. Think of it like putting oil in your car: without it you will seize up. There is an increased interchange of substances between the blood and tissue cells, metabolism is improved, blood flow is improved and with it the supply of nutrients and oxygen to help the body recover more quickly. It stretches connective tissue, improves circulation and breaks down areas where the muscles have formed adhesions through overuse. An important benefit of massage is that it can increase your range of motion. 


In further blog posts, I will describe the different types of massage available. Until then, may you be well.