Get ready for Fall

I have written in previous newsletters of spring being the best time to commit to a new project because the chances of its success are far greater. Taking a lesson from nature, we do our planting at this time rather than in January. The fall is also a time of new beginnings - this time, think of the planting of bulbs. Trees lose their leaves and there’s a swirling mass of vibrant colours, a freshness in the air and life continues with vigour. It’s not entirely a coincidence that this time marks a return to school and soon there will be new shoots.

As many of you know, I have just returned from a month in England and France and am now back to work. I used the break as an opportunity to rejuvenate as well as immerse myself in much of the culture of Europe. I am often delighted by how the perspective of others generates my own creative juices.


I look  forward to providing you with massage therapy and shiatsu while helping you prepare for your new beginnings.