I have been vaccinated against COVID 19

As many of you know, I was away in Mexico for the past six months and returned to Canada during the first week of August. As a property owner in Mexico, I was able to receive both vaccines before my return to Canada and, for that, I am very greatful. Still, I believe there is no room for complacency and, for however long it takes, I will follow guidlines for social distancing and mask-wearing. At my clinic, I will be practicing all hygiene protocols as required by Ontario Public Health both for your own and my safety. Certainly, I  prefer to err on the side of caution.

There may be times when it seems that there is much contradictory information out there, especially when the medical community is dealing with something new such as COVID.  Science, which is "the intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behavour of the physical and natural world though observation and experiment," is a learning process that is gradual and we build as we go, not with blind guesswork but with solid research.

My personal thinking is that it would be a mistake to delay making a decision on how to handle this pandemic until we have all the answers. Realistically that may not happen because both disease and science evolve together hand in hand. It's a gradual process of learning and discovery.

Although sometimes massage therapy and shiatsu therapy are described as "alternative" therapies, I am not sure I like that particular word because it suggests an either or approach which is confrontational.  Come to think of it, lifestyle is "alternative" because there are so many parts of that that are not given attention to in medical school. For example, Tai Qi, yoga and meditation is hardly given a glance. However, in general I prefer the word "complementary" because one takes a combination of the best from each discipline. When I was diagnosed with a high risk cancer in 2019, I adopted a lifestyle of exercise and good nutrition along with some nutritional supplements that I asked my surgeon to allow me to take. That was in addition to prescribed very powerful and possibly toxic drugs for six months leading up to surgery. Subsequent tests every three months since my operation have determined that I am cancer-free. With the increasing numbers of Covid infections, I also was taking supplements to help my natural immunity.    So far so good. 

Enjoy the rest of the summer and I hope to see you soon.