Keeping well when traveling by plane


I recently found an article in Airfare Watchdog on how to avoid getting sick after flying. It peaked my interest to see whether the information coincided with the advice that I have been giving my clients forever. It does and so I am revisiting that information and adding what I always do when flying.


Many people when they are about to take a holiday are usually quite tired and depleted energetically. So extra precautions are required to remain healthy. On a flight we are breathing a lot of recycled air. The humidity on most planes is low so that our noses and throats dry up. Apparently with newer planes, such as the Dreamliner, the humidity is better. However, there are things you can do to prevent getting sick.


Drink lots of water. In fact, start drinking lots of water before even going to the airport. Avoid alcohol because that dehydrates. Limit your caffeine intake for the same reason. Be a nose breather because the hairs in the nostrils help filter germs. However, with the already dehydrated quality of the air, I keep a damp cloth on hand to keep the nostrils damp.  


Be aware that magazine compartments don’t often get cleaned by between flight cleaning staff and are therefore big harbingers of germs. Therefore frequent hand washing is important. I now carry with me small (under 50 ml) bottles of hand sanitiser.


I always assume that there will always be a lot of sick people traveling so start increasing my dosages of Vitamin C as a preventative measure starting a day or two before departure. 


Finally, I have discovered the benefit of taking Oil of Oregano drops before, during and after flights to stay well when traveling. At the very first throat tickle, even if that occurs in the middle fo the night, I reach for my Oil of Oregano. I donlt even wait till morning.


My personal way of taking Oil of Oregano is to take half a pipette of the oil and place it in my mouth. Swallowing straight a way will burn the throat so I let it sit there and dilute with my saliva for a couple of minutes. Waiting also has the benefits of allowing the oil of oregano vapours to circulate around the nose and throat.


Does it work? My personal testimonial is that I see many clients, especially during the winter months, who come in to see me with all sorts of respiratory illnesses and I haven’t caught anything in more than two years. I now have to touch wood and hope that my good luck continues.


Wishing you all the best of the season and into the New Year from us all at Healing on the Danforth.