Here are some sites that might be of interest to our clients.

Past Healing on the Danforth therapists

With our move to the Carrot Common and smaller premises, it wasn't possible to take all our great therapists with us. However, the skills, knowledge and sense of caring of these people is unparalleled. They continue to work in the neighbourhood of Danforth and Greenwood and can be contacted as follows:

Katherine Downey, (Reflexology and Reiki): 416 540 2176

Heather Speer, (Personal Trainer and teacher) 416 274 9748. To complement her practice in personal training, she has been taking extensive training in Thai Massage

Paul Marchinko (Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine)   Paul had been with Healing on the Danforth since 2003 until June of 2019, has been a dedicated therapist, friend and an important asset to our clinic. With much regret on my part, he has moved his clinical practice closer to where he lives in Burlington. I am wishing him the very best in all his future endeavours. He can be contacted at or at 416 407 3393

I know that you are in good hands.

Healing the Planet

Many of you will know of the dire straits of the environment and the consequences of global warming. Now is the time to take action.

If I need a reason for including a link with an environmental group, it is to be found within the scope of the mission statement for Healing on the Danforth: “to encourage spiritual, emotional and physical healing by guiding you towards greater awareness of your own body in a peaceful, nurturing, compassionate and safe environment.” On a micro level, we may be able to look after our own health by the correct exercise, the right attitude, good nutrition and regular therapeutic treatments. On a macro level, this becomes much more difficult, if not impossible, if what is left of the planet is not life sustaining.

So, the link is to the environmental justice group JustEarth ( It was started by former member of parliament, Lynn McDonald. One of the main objectives of JustEarth is to encourage Canadians to make their opinions known to politicians. One very effective way to do that is to sign petitions which can be submitted in the House of Commons. This website will guide you towards getting heard and show you how to get effective action from your elected representative.

Does this mean that I am getting political in my old age? Far from it. Environment is the single most important issue that we face today. There is no one political party that seems up to the task of protecting our environment. Yet environment should be the issue that is central to the thinking of all parties ahead of the economy. Without attention to the environment, there is no meaningful economy.

Doctors for Global Health

As I count my many blessings in that I experience good health, live in a country that is at peace, and have enough financial resources and opportunities to flourish, I am aware that there is an increasing disparity between those who have and those who have not. Our modern society has become “mind” driven rather than “heart” driven. In our pursuit of all sorts of gadgetry and sophisticated devices for leading an easy and comfortable life and all manner of diversions, we have become cold and disconnected from the world at large. Our governments help perpetuate this pursuit of an unending list of superficial wants and desires. Of course, this will do nothing to feed the gnawing hunger that we experience as we become disconnected from life itself.

I believe that there are no coincidences in life and I recently had the good fortune to bump into Dr. Lanny Smith MD, Founder and Board Member of Doctors for Global Health, a private, not-for-profit organization promoting health, education, art and other human rights throughout the world. He has spirit and a vision for a kinder world and I wholeheartedly support his work.

Where to Learn Reflexology

Janet Williams is the owner of the Footsteps School of Reflexology in Toronto.

Janet was trained in the early 90s by Ann Gillanders in the U.K. and has since built a very successful practice. Janet is highly knowledgeable in her field, is an excellent teacher and has a good sense of humour. I also consider her a close friend.

For further information and for contact information see

Snow Lion

My good friend Theodore closed the Snow Lion in late 2019. That is a great loss to the community because his book and meditation supply store was, to me, an oasis of peace and calming in an increasinlgy frenetically busy and, dare I say it, inhuman city. 

However, Theodore will still be conducting lectures with interesting guest speakers on meditation and other aspects of being.  These lectures and presentations are not necessarily Buddhist in content although all guided by the values of wisdom and compassion. As soon as I know his schedule, I will reference it on this page.

Meanwhile, I love the clarity, directness along with sense of humour provided by one of his sayings:

"Health is the conscious awareness of the state of one's body and mind. This insight has to come by direct experience and observation. One mistakes analytical thinking and information for direct experience. This is equivalent to one looking at pictures of food and wondering why one is still hungry.”

Another interesting website is his in which he explores further the human condition. Theodore “understands the nature of life and the hero’s journey in which every human, to a lesser or larger degree must participate. His passion is providing groups and individuals with practices and tools to help with life’s inevitable valleys. These valleys will invariable include the struggles of emotional and physical pain, the darkness of despair and the longing for healing.