Spring Cleaning the Body

We traditionally make New Year’s resolutions at the beginning of the year. Then, by February or March, many of us have fallen by the wayside. The many ways that we had planned to improve ourselves, whatever that means for each of us, is but a faded memory.  Springtime is really the time for renewal and we can take this lesson from nature. After all, that is when we do most of our planting.  With the slight improvement in the weather, we have a better opportunity for new growth. With the prospect of warmer weather we begin to feel more inclined to come out from hibernation and enjoy our rebirth.

As far as our health is concerned, this rebirth is a reacquainting ourselves with our bodies, and there are three parts of this equation for it to be truly meaningful.

There is exercise, and the need to change our type of food intake. The benefits of exercise need little explanation. A cardiovascular workout is necessary for the heart muscle, the same way it is necessary to run a car regularly to keep it in tip top shape.

We have to pay attention to the fuel we put into the body. We can start to eat lighter foods. There are some who might suggest that we choose foods in season locally grown. That may not be to everyone’s palate if we live in the Arctic!  

We then go for our treatments of choice whether that is massage therapy, chiropractic, aromatherapy, shiatsu therapy, or reflexology. These treatments help us connect and feel what is going on in our bodies. It is so easy to become disconnected from ourselves as a result of the deadly seriousness of living – forever meeting deadlines, hurried meals and all sorts of commitments and worries. The result is that we have become numb physically, mentally and emotionally. Perhaps that numbness helps us survive the onslaughts of life. However, if left unchecked for long periods of time, this will result in more serious problems such as digestive and intestinal disorders, poor sleeping patterns, ulcers, heart disease and more. Therefore, any sort of body therapy is really a necessity.

Think of coming to Healing on the Danforth as the tuneup that you would give your car before a long, trouble-free journey. You want to make sure that you are ready for the call of the outdoors: for gardening, canoeing, camping or getting in shape through a fitness program.