Get real and the need for grounding, Mr. Bieber

We talk of someone who seems to be all over the place and who is unfocused as being ungrounded.  They perhaps possess a quality that we might describe as being manic.  One moment they are charming, bright and intelligent. The next moment they are angry and prone to venting.  This may also manifest as laughing and full of joy one moment and tears and sadness the next.   We may wonder where this change of personalty came from so suddenly.

There may be a chemical reason for such a seeming contrasting personality split but that is definitely outside my scope of knowledge and is therefore not the subject of this blog.

Reasons for lack of grounding may be a combination of the physical and the emotional.  If we have something on our mind that is distracting us from being fully committed to the task at hand, then we are not truly in the present. We are being tugged in different directions at the same time.  We may also feel that we don’t know which way to turn and that life is out of control.

Some suggestions for getting grounded:

Take some time off doing something that is totally different from the normal day to day schedule.  Take a holiday if possible.  However that may not necessarily be possible at a time when we could really benefit from this sort of change. However, a break does not have to be long-drawn out. It can be taking a half day off and going for a walk in the woods. It can even be taking an hour off and spending it in meditation.  There is the added benefit in that this will help change the acidity to one that is slightly more alkali.  Disease and bodily aches and pains grow in an environment that is too acidic.

Spend less time in front of the computer or television.  These are “man-made” devices that affect us because of the radiation involved.  Watching my step-son growing up, a session in front of the computer would make him antsy and irritable, not too dissimilar in effect to feeding him unrefined sugar products.

Watch what you eat and, as mentioned earlier, avoid a diet of refined carbohydrates. For this reason, avoid consuming junk food.  Eat lots of fresh lightly steamed vegetables, preferably organic so that you are not ingesting chemicals and pesticidal residue.  Also regular portions of fresh fruit is highly desirable,again preferably organic especially if the peel is thin.

Avoid coffee or other stimulants as these give too much of a jolt to the adrenal system.

Get plenty of rest and avoid the temptation to burn the candle at both ends.  For those who are possibly experiencing weight problems, getting a good night’s sleep can help considerably to control weight.

Finally, and this is a little self-serving on my part, go for regular treatments for massage therapy, chiropractic, shiatsu, reflexology or acupuncture.  These all help to bring us down to earth and grounded.  Resulting from that is that you will be more able to face the world.