Maria Vigna, CBP / Reiki


Timothy Phillips

It is my mission to support you in your unique healing process. With compassion and reverence, together we will witness and explore the innate wisdom of the BodyMind: the part that knows how to heal itself and which always invites us into deeper physical, emotional and spiritual health. 

     In one of the very first BodyTalk sessions that I received, the practitioner told me that my body was reacting as if a war were being waged inside of me. That image resonated deeply and connected me viscerally to the emotions and feelings that were brewing within.It held every nuance of the chaotic energy, the confusion and the dislocation of my soul. These were the very things that brought me to explore this modality. This session held the first of many stirrings to come that would lead me to study and to certify as a BodyTalk practitioner. 


     My practice is called “taproot.” The name was gifted to me by a special, long-time friend. I connected with it immediately as it spoke to me of strength and potential. Think of an oak or a pine tree. The taproot anchors the tree deep into the earth and the root system reaches out in all directions finding water and nourishment. This firm foundation allows the tree to extend its branches and to weather storms. Like a taproot, BodyTalk is a grounding and anchoring experience for both client and practitioner. 


     The healing process of the body, mind, and spirit is often a multi-layered one. It invites us into  an intimate connection to the very core of ones being. BodyTalk helped me to open up to the parts of me that I had banished. In essence, this is the healing journey: nurturing wholeness, harmony and strength within: leaning into the fullness of our experiences and encountering the wisdom that they offer us. 



BodyTalk or Reiki Session - $75.00

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