Stay well this holiday season

Christmas and the holidays can be a stressful time for many. We find ourselves at social gatherings, often one after the other; we eat and drink too much, sometimes the wrong foods and time is not our own. Togetherness comes at a price. Couple that with the pressure of searching for the “perfect” gifts. That in itself is setting us up for disappointment.


Time to put this in perspective. Again, we can take a lesson from nature: perhaps easier said than done. However, an understanding of what we are doing is the first step to understanding the imbalance that we are creating for ourselves.


Friday, 21st December marks the start of winter and is the darkest night of the year. Instead of attending parties and acting the outward-going and affable extrovert, we should be “hibernating” and spending time in seclusion.  Time to travel within. That doesn't mean becoming a recluse. We can still celebrate and be thankful for all the good things that we have in our lives without looking for excess and the material things that we think make us complete. Tone it down rather than ramp it up. choose carefully which events you need to attend. Don’t try to do everything. Remember the guiding principle that I have written about in previous blogs: “Moderation in all things.”


The stress of this time of year can compromise our immune systems and we get sick. That is often because we have become so busy that we are out of touch with our bodies - the perfect time for a massage treatment or other therapy which, like meditation, is a journey within to a place of calm and relaxation.


This is to wish you the best wishes for the holiday season from us all at Healing on the Danforth.