Stress Management

This week I am teaching a class in stress management at Centennial College here in Toronto.  I always love the opportunity to talk to students and give them some perspective on a very important subject.  At the same time, as much as I would like to admit to the contrary, I often experience feeling stressed.  So I always find the preparation of my lecture a useful reminder of things on which I should focus my own attention.

What is stress management?  This is taking charge of ones thoughts, emotions, one's schedule, one's environement and the way one deals with problems.  What is one person's stressors does not always trigger the same response in someone else.  Some people feel that by planning events long in advance it is possible to reduce one's level of stress.  I do not always follow that advice because I find that I work well under a little pressure.  For me, there is nothing like a deadline to get something done.  However, leaving something too close to the last moment works against me.  It is all highly personal.  The trick is to find what works for each one of us.

The ultimate goal is to have a balanced life: to allocate enough time for work, time to enjoy relationships, time for relaxation and time for fun.

In a later blog, I will share some of the things that I do to bring balance into my life.