Tai Chi at Healing on the Danforth

We are planning to offer Tai Chi in the next little while at Healing on the Danforth.

We have probably all heard about the importance of strengthening the “core” muscles as part of a practice in getting fit. Similarly, Tai Chi places emphasis on strengthening that area of the lower abdomen located just below the belly button and known as the “Dan Tian.”

 Tai Chi is a set of smooth, flowing exercises used to improve or maintain health and create a sense of relaxation. People of many different ages and physical ability can benefit from practicing this healing exercise.  There has even been research done showing the benefits for people suffering with neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s.

Tai Chi helps to strengthen and heal the body from the inside out. Every movement that the body takes in its daily routine should originate from the Dan Tian.  Think of karate, or any of the martial arts, as not being about the use of force.  It is about the movement and use of something called Qi energy, which originates from the Dan Tian.  Yes, the word “Qi” is now an acceptable Scrabble word, according to the latest scrabble dictionary.

My practice of Shiatsu therapy is also about the use of Qi energy.  I have said often to my clients that shiatsu therapy is not about the application of excessive pressure.  The pressure should feel firm but always in a good way.

Lifting, walking and running should employ that inner energy originating from the lower abdomen and pelvis. This type of movement will help to keep the body from being injured.  Core training and the ancient practices of Tai Chi is a perfect illustration of where East meets West.

Stay tuned for updates.  Please let me know whether you would like to be notified once we finalize a schedule.  Also contact me if you would like to get further information.