What's the problem?

I was in a yoga class when in the street outside there was a squealing of brakes followed shortly after by an angry exclamation of “what’s the problem?” Breathe in; breathe out. Talk about an exercise in staying present.


Let’s examine what is the problem. Well, for many the workplace environment is difficult, living expenses are on the rise, the cost of day-camp for the kids is a lot, scheduling for downtime is difficult, there’s the problem of aging parents with accompanying ill-health, and there aren’t enough hours in the day. Perhaps when you get asked “What’s the problem? you should answer with some of the above.


Undeniably, life seems to be a bit out of control but, as human beings, we need to treat others as well as ourselves, with more compassion. Find some downtime for yourself and do something that nurtures you. Perhaps something calming like yoga (most of the time), taking a walk in the woods or coming for a massage.