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Reflections on the past and future

This December -  for me, another birthday - another year older. Arriving in the mail on the same day was my old high school magazine. I had attended one of those exclusive English boarding schools where it’s graduates are often bound for Oxford or Cambridge and then some illustrious career  I followed a different path, first in the hospitality industry managing luxury hotels and restaurants for twenty-two years and then, after what I describe as my midlife crisis, a dramatic change to practicing healing arts.

Finding time for yourself

Life seems to be getting increasingly complicated and almost not enough hours in the day to get through all that we need to achieve. Some people are motivated, methodical and thrive on getting things done. For others, the more there is to do, the greater their state of paralysis. The holiday season, fast approaching brings with it attendant pressures. We end up throwing self-restraint to the wind and we often muddle along fitting in with the dictates of others.


The importance of nutrition for physical healing

I make my livelihood as a massage and shiatsu therapist helping provide people relief from the stresses and strains accumulated from the knocks and conflicts of daily living. You are being accosted from all directions and it can easily happen that your own path of self-care gets hijacked and put on a back burner. You find yourselves doing for others rather than doing for yourself.   

Moving to a room with a view

It is with great pleasure that I announce that Healing on the Danforth is moving on July 1st to much larger premises and a room with a view above and overlooking the courtyard of the Carrot Common. It's the same number of 320 Danforth Avenue, but is in Suite #202, the first room on the right at the top of the stairway. There is a nice comfortable reception area if you arrive for your scheduled appointment ahead of time. Photographs will follow.

I know that you will all enjoy visiting us in the new space.

Wishing you all a happy Canada Day.

Weight loss progress and your need for sleep

 During the winter months, you may have felt more like staying home doing nothing and could have found yourself attracted to eating comfort foods. That’s understandable if you think of the animal kingdom where many species choose to hibernate. The additional fat layer would provide an extra layer of protection from the elements. Now with the warm weather of Spring and approaching summer, you probably feel drawn to spending time out doors. You may feel inclined to eat lighter especially with the greater availability of locally grown fruit and vegetables.

Fitness and the mind-body connection

You may remember, Heather Speer who was our Fitness Coach at the old location of Healing on the Danforth. She is still following her passion helping clients achieve their fitness goals. She knows how to motivate people and understands that physical health is an important part of wellness. She walks the talk. She's also a warm and loving person.

I recently came across this blog posting from Heather on a site called "Psychotherapy Matters." To me, this article summarizes what makes Heather different from other personal trainers 


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